Full Spectrum CBD Oil Chocolate Raspberry Fat Bomb

Posted by Zach Attack Supplements on Mar 5th 2020

Full spectrum CBD oil Fat bombs are truly a unique and delicious snack to go with when you are craving a low carb snack to settle those cravings. Full spectrum CBD oil Fat bombs are perfect for when you want to get some great healthy fat into the mix and stop yourself from reaching for that bag of chips. They are easy to prepare and you can store them in the freezer for awhile too which makes them the perfect easy go-to snack to opt for.The CBD Ejuice Mango Fat Bombs is another amazing fat bomb recipe that is sure to bring the roof down into the kitchen.

There are plenty of fat bomb recipes out there but one that I utterly love the most is my own Chocolate and Raspberry Fat Bomb full spectrum CBD Mix. Follow the recipe below to come up with your own Chocolate Raspberry Fat Bomb CBD snacks. If you love chocolate and you love raspberry then you will love this recipe. If you love chocolate, then you should definitely checkout this recipe for CBD Chocolate Mug Cake. Sure to knock your socks off!

What You Will Need For This Recipe:
Measuring Cup

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 250mg, which can be bought here. (Many of our customers who purchase our CBD also purchase our phenibut HCL, which can be found here).
Coconut Oil 5 TBSP
Sugar-free Chocolate Chips 2 cups
Sugar-free Raspberry Jam 6 TBSP

1 Scoop of fudge brown Redcon1 MRE protein
Spoon for mixing
Baking cups or silicone baking mold

Prepare Your Chocolate

At first you will want to start with a chocolate layer and this involves melting the chocolate chips that you have. You can easily get these chips to melt by putting them into a microwave safe bowl and adding a little coconut oil or grass-fed butter to the mix.

I find that this makes it a little more creamy, gives you more sauce to work with. Microwave the chocolate for 1 minute and stir occasionally, continue as needed in 10 second intervals microwaving until it is completely smooth.

Once the chocolate is smooth then take it out of the microwave.

This is going to be the first layer of your fat bombs so you need to pour the chocolate mix into each baking cup or into your baking mold, but only fill the mold 1/4 of the way, because you still need to put jam, followed by more chocolate.

Once you have poured that chocolate then you want to add your raspberry jam. First, you want to mix that raspberry jam with the coconut oil, and full spectrum CBD oil. This might be easier if you microwave the full spectrum CBD oil for a few seconds first to make it liquid, if it isn't a liquid coconut oil variety already that you have. Once you have mixed the coconut oil with the CBD and raspberry jam, then you can pour 1 TBSP into each baking cup or into the baking mold. This is going to be the middle portion of the Chocolate and Raspberry full spectrum CBD Fat Bomb.

Once you have completed all of your baking cups and put the middle in, now comes the last layer of chocolate. You can use the remaining melted chocolate that you have to cover the raspberry layer, and then you need to freeze your fat bombs for at least 2 hours. Once you have frozen the fat bombs then you can take it out when you need a snack and it will be delicious. If you are not in the mood for a fat bomb, then you can try strawberry lemonade cupcakes. A fruity and sweet sensation that is great for any occasion! Enjoy!