CBD Vape E Liquid Mango Peach Pancakes

Posted by Zach Attack Supplements on Mar 2nd 2020

Many of us have tried the traditional classic breakfast food that is pancakes, but have you tried other varieties like peach pancakes with CBD vape e liquid? It is a delicious and simple twist that anyone can pull off to introduce a bit of flare to your classic pancake recipe that you might usually opt for. If you love pancakes and enjoy sweet treats, then this just might be the right pancake recipe for you. Gather these ingredients and toss together your own peach pancakes for any meal during the day.

What You Will Need:

1 cup of flour or almond flour
1 1/2 TBSP sugar or sugar alt
2 TBSP mango CBD vape e liquid for sale from True Best CBD
1 cup of coconut milk
3 TBSP grass-fed butter
1 egg
1/2 cup of canned peaches

0.5 to 1 scoop Redcon1 protein powder (optional)

Low carb gummies for pancake mix and creativity (optional)

Buttercream frosting for additional topping (optional)

Banana pudding as a side for pancakes and extra sweetness (optional)

Mix together all of your dry ingredients, such as your almond flour or regular flour with your sugar. Once those two are thoroughly mixed then you will want to get the other ingredients well mixed too. You can either do this by hand in a bowl or you can use an electric mixer. It might be a lot easier for you to go ahead and use the mixer, then it's rather effortless.

Once you have your flour and sugar mixed, then add in the egg, CBD vape ejuice, butter which should be melted or room temperature, and your coconut milk or other milk alternative. If you have combined all of these ingredients together now you only need to add your peaches.

Grab your 1/2 cup of canned peaches and insert them into the mix that you already have going with your flour, egg, milk, and CBD vape ejuice etc. Get it all mixed together and make sure that you do not have any lumps in the mixture. This will only take you a few seconds or a minute or two tops.

Once that is done then you will need to go ahead and get started with the oven, now you can heat your pan for cooking the batter. But this is a step which some of you might have already been doing, heating it up while mixing the ingredients together and that is just fine. If you have already got the pan warm then you are ready to go and you can start scooping it out.

Get the pan hot on medium heat and grease it with olive oil or grass-fed butter, once that is ready for pouring then go ahead and pour the pancake mixture on the pan. Once you start to see bubbles form on top then you know it is ready to turn over.

Overall you should have the ability to make at least 10 to 12 pancakes or more with this amount of batter. It also depends on what size of pancakes you might want to make, because you can get more if you make mini ones. They can be served hot or cold, with whip cream or another topping of your choice. And that is how you make some delicious CBD vape e liquid mango peach pancakes. Enjoy!