Broad Spectrum CBD Vape E Liquid (Regular or Extra Strength)

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What is Broad Spectrum Cannabidiol [CBD] Vape Oil E-Liquid? 

Vapers can now rejoice! Vaping has become popular among our society now with hundreds of options to choose from. Why not choose a more-natural alternative with hemp CBD vape E-liquid? Our CBD vape oil contains no harmful nicotine or additives. Contains just high quality hemp-derived Cannabidiol [CBD] oil, MCT coconut oil and natural flavorings. It's easy to just add our CBD E-liquid to your favorite refillable vape device and get quick relief. Vaping is one of the fastest and easiest methods to administer CBD to your system and hit the CBD receptors. 


What are the Benefits of Broad Spectrum CBD Vape Oil E-Liquid?

As stated, quick relief is key with this vape E-liquid oil. Cannabidiol can easily be taken to your desired effects. Our vape CBD oil is made with a broad spectrum CBD formula, so there is little to no THC and no chance of getting high. A broad spectrum formula also gives you most of the other Cannabinoids. The bottle contains 1000mg of Cannabidiol. It’s the perfect vape solution for any vaper. According to the United States Government, Cannabidiol [CBD] and other cannabinoids are antioxidants and neuro-protectants. This is according to their 2003 patent 6,630,507. That says a lot if the government recognizes this about CBD! However, there is still much more to explore and study about the benefits of CBD. Hopefully more research studies can be done to determine the factual benefits of CBD on the body.


Where to Buy Broad Spectrum CBD Vape E-Liquid?

Zach Attack Supplements currently offers broad spectrum CBD Vape E-liquid Oil for sale in a 500mg(regular strength) or 1000mg(extra strength) size, as well as multiple flavors. Our flavors include: grape, strawberry lemonade, mint, and mango. Remember, you can’t use normal tinctures in vape devices. You need to use a vape-specific E-liquid. The broad spectrum formula means you get CBD with a majority of the other Cannabinoids, with little to no THC. Zach Attack Supplement's CBD vape oil for sale is the best money can buy! Our prices are extremely low compared to our competitors. Go ahead and search around! You’ll probably find that you get more CBD for your money at Zach Attack Supplements. Some of competitors will try to trick you by stating it’s “1000mg” but they are counting the full weight of the product and not just the CBD. Our E Liquids are lab tested for CBD content and are advertised as such.


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